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What Causes Foundations and Slabs to Sink?

Soil – Moisture changes in North Texas cause drastic clay composition changes. Acting like a sponge, soil expands during seasons of heavy rainfall and contracting during times of seasonal drought. Continuous fluctuation causes stress on your home’s foundation. Commonly, the center areas of the slab remain uninterrupted, while the perimeters settle due to exposure to the seasonal moisture changes.

Landscaping – Trees and large shrubs with extensive root systems require immense amounts of moisture to sustain their health. Moist soils located near the edge of the home, as well as underneath the slab, provide a viable source of water. And when the root system drains the additional moisture from these areas, it causes the slab to settle.

Plumbing – More common these days, plumbing has become a major issue for foundations. The cast iron plumbing commonly used in the 1960s and early 1970s is beginning to deteriorate and erode. The soil directly underneath the home can infuse with water, creating long-term foundation damage.

  • Poor drainage of water away from the home
  • Insufficient ventilation for the soil under the home to aerate
  • and poor initial construction practices can all lead to foundation problems
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